Episode #311 — There’s a gratitude and a vitality to Tim Timmons’ music that can’t be faked. It’s the perspective of a musician and a man who was told 21 years ago that he had only 5 years to live, that his cancer was terminal. Today, every morning he wakes up, Tim draws an “X” on his wrist in sharpie marker. It’s a reminder he takes us inside.

“I write this X on my wrist every day for many, many reasons. One is just that I woke up again today. It becomes kind of a gift every morning. I go, ‘Yes! I get to join Jesus another day! So Jesus, what do you got?'”

“But then, one of the other things – there’s a podcast and a thing I have called 10,000 minutes. Blogs, podcasts, and all the things. And the whole point of it is there are 10,080 minutes in a week. Just trust me on that. Or you can Google if you want, but I’m right! 10,080 minutes in a week, and 80 of those minutes are generally spent in a church gathering somewhere. I love the 80 minute gathering. It’s so powerful. But there are 10,000 other minutes until we gather again.”

It’s a fresh and powerful perspective on the irreplaceable gift of time.

“It’s not what do we do with those 10,000 minutes, because then we’re just earning stuff from God. That doesn’t get us anywhere. But it’s how do we join Jesus in the 10,000 minutes? So what I found, was – whoever hears My words and puts them into practice all week long is wise. So that’s really what we’re trying to do as a community – trying to practice the words, the heart, and the motivations of Jesus.”

“So whether that’s praying for my enemy, somebody who cut me off on the road – which happens often – I could either have contempt for that person thinking I’m better than them, or I get to pray for that person. What would that do in my heart? So it’s things like that, but it’s  just about being thankful for today. That’s part of the reason why.”

Tim Timmons is the recording artist with the big heart & the big voice behind the just-released album Here and the single “This Is the Day”.

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On the Road with Tim Timmons