Episode #297 — An undeniable warmth and approachability greets you on the title track of the brand new record from longtime favorites Remedy Drive. And inside that sonic packaging you discover a message of hope and healing in Imago Amor.

“We’re made for each other
In the image of love
You and me
Made for each other
In the image of love”

Remedy Drive’s lead singer David Zach takes us inside the heart of this message.

“What I’ve experienced – the more I travel, the more I eat with people that don’t share my world view, people that you could call my enemy a lot of times too. I spend a lot of time with traffickers. Making conversation. Making small talk. Talking about music – when I’m in an undercover environment of course. My next door neighbor across the street – I know just by what’s in his yard we have a different ideology about the world.  When I talk with him, when I talk to traffickers, when I hang out with refugees, when I hang out with enslaved people, I realize we all have this spark in us. This design. This purposeful, intentional, fearful, wonderful design. And we are made to love each other.”

“We’re made in the image of the Maker, who is – I know – most actually defined as love. And we’re made in that image. The breath of life is breathed in us, and it’s easy to see all that other stuff.”

David calls on a beautiful analogy from C.S. Lewis’ Voyage of the Dawn Treader to drive home his point.

“I love how Aslan went and scratched all the scales off the dragon and revealed that Eustace was still inside there. And I’m trying to see people I don’t see eye to eye with that way. There’s a beauty. There is a design, and I want to recognize and start at that point with somebody that’s different than me, that doesn’t share my views.”

David Zach is the lead singer of longtime chart-toppers Remedy Drive – just out with the brand new album Imago Amor & a tireless advocate for victims of human trafficking.

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On the Road with Remedy Drive's David Zach