Episode #299 — There’s a fierce belief at the heart of the song “Truth I’m Standing on”, and yet it was born in a place of real worry & anxiety that recording artist Leanna Crawford never saw coming.

“I’m just so so thankful every time I sing that song. This is my anthem and victory song, because I needed that reminder so much in this last year – just the reminder that His words are true.”

“I had never really experienced anxiety, but I had friends that had. So I didn’t even realize that I was experiencing it. For months and months, I couldn’t sleep. And then I had a panic attack at one point. I was kind of learning how to deal with it for the first time ever.”

While she walking this road, she encountered a powerful story.

“Then I come into this writing room, and I hear about the story of a lady named Joyce from Florida. Joyce’s story is that she was walking with her husband through his cancer journey, and he eventually went home to be with Jesus. But as she walked walked with him – and she still continues to do this – she would post scriptures on her Instagram. And every time she would post a Bible verse she would use the hashtag ‘truth to stand on.'”

“When I heard her story I was absolutely blown away. Because this woman, Joyce – going through the hardest season of her life, probably losing her husband – is not only using her battle to encourage others, but she knows exactly where her strength and hope comes from. And her story just totally encouraged me in that moment. So then we ended up writing this song. We wrote it in the beginning of of 2019 – which feels like forever ago – and then ended up putting it out in 2020. It felt like the reminder I needed to hear again, and I hope  other people needed to hear, that God is faithful throughout. No matter what, He is faithful. And His promises are still true.”

Leanna Crawford is the fresh voice behind hit songs like “Truth I’m Standing on” and her latest powerful track, “Mean Girls”.

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On the Road with Leanna Crawford