Episode #324 — There’s a lot to be said about Crowder. The dynamic worship pioneer and recording artist has given us unforgettable songs – including a powerful new batch on his latest project, Milk and Honey. For those who’ve seen him live or follow him on social media, they often can’t stop talking about the man’s humor. This is an undeniably humorous guy. So where does it come from? Is it a gift passed down across generations?

No, no! My parents are so not funny! Well, I don’t know. Maybe they are?! Maybe that’s the thing. Maybe I can’t see it. Dad is just, he’s like where ‘dad jokes’ come from. Like he would give me – on Christmas morning – I’d be so excited because I’ve been asking for, back in the ’80s, Jam Boxes. I wanted to walk around with the big boom box on my shoulder. I thought that was cool. So I open this box up. It seems heavy. Seems substantial. Seems like this is probably the one. And I open it up and there’s a jar of jelly in an empty box in there. And I go, ‘It’s not funny’ He’s like, ‘It’s a Jam Box.’ So no, they’re not funny. I don’t know. A lot of Calvin and Hobbes. Maybe that’s what it was.”

The sound of Crowder’s latest track, “In the House”, is so groundbreaking that even the first 15 seconds take you places you’d never see coming. How did that come together?

“This was actually the first song we wrote for that whole album. And it was sort of a guide for what the tonalities would be for the record as a whole. I was really wanting to have some great urban foundations. I knew that the choir was going to be a significant part of it. I want a church group singing, because it was talking about going to church. And so it took a while to get the sounds to where it didn’t feel contrived, and authentic, what we wanted the whole to be. So we probably spent the most time curating sounds for that one, and that led us to the rest of the album.”

Crowder is the pioneering worship leader and beloved recording artist with the brand new single “In the House” from his latest record Milk and Honey.

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