Episode #298 — A changed life can happen any place & any time God moves. Still, a former auto body shop is probably not high on the list of places you’d first expect.

Making her way through a tough season, Baylor Wilson finally accepted her friends’ invitation to church in 2017. But when she walked into the sanctuary – a converted former auto body shop – she wasn’t expecting what happened next.

“I walked in and all these people – all colors and ages and backgrounds, you could just feel the atmosphere was super diverse and different – I just remember seeing everyone worshipping God that was in the room. I could feel the Spirit in the room, but I didn’t know what I was feeling yet.

A beautiful experience turned into a life-changing decision.

“And so I walked up to the toward the front with my friend, and honestly, after that moment, I really don’t remember what exactly happened, other than I ended up on my knees just bawling. Crying out to God. And that was my, I would say, my prodigal son coming home moment. Where I really, actually felt the Father’s love for me for the first time, and I really, actually had ears to hear and eyes to see that God was not only real, but also tangible in the spirit realm. And it was incredible!”

Baylor Wilson is the fresh voice behind the debut single “Jesus Happened”. In an action packed young life, she’s already been a world champion cheerleader, a television favorite & a recording artist.

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On the Road with Baylor Wilson