Episode #287 — For the tremendously talented recording artist and worship leader Jaime Jamgochian, Lyme Disease had been something she’d dealt with for years. Jaime – who’s given us such powerful music across the 2000’s – was able to treat the condition and handle it well. Then came 2018.

Suddenly, she started to experience severe headaches and unexplainable exhaustion. She searched for answers and discovered her Lyme Disease had begun attacking her neurological system. Her condition was relentless – nearly debilitating. She moved home to Boston where her family was able to care for her. Finally, she discovered cutting edge treatments and invested herself in a treatment that worked.

This spring, for the first time in such a long time, she honestly felt better. And after the journey she’s had, that simple phrase means so very much.

It’s kind of like you get your life back – just to feel myself again, alive and well, and have no pain. I think that was the hardest thing for me to deal with – day in, day out with chronic pain. I don’t believe God puts sickness on us or pain. I think we live in a broken world where there’s disease. There are a lot of messed up things going on here on Earth, but I do believe God works it all together for our good. And man did I learn that.”

Before we see our situation made good, sometimes there’s a season of waiting. As it was for Jaime, that season can be so tough. But she offers us real hope that it’s is not the end. The best is yet to come.

“Well I made a t.-shirt about it. It says, ‘Worship in the waiting.’ And that would be my greatest encouragement. When we’re in the waiting seasons of life, when we can take our eyes off our sorrow, point them toward God – but also live this beautiful life He’s given us, and not just look at the things we are waiting on, but look at what we do have and look at what we can do. Then, those things we’re waiting on, it makes them so special because we’re already living instead of waiting.”

“That flipped the script a little bit in my own life. I just practice gratitude, and I practice fully living each day even in the waiting and worshipping.”

Jaime Jamgochian is the much-loved songwriter, recording artist & worship leader behind the long awaited album All Things and the hope filled single “All Things for My Good”.

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On the Road with Jaime Jamgochian

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