This weekend on the Dr. Linda Mintle show, you will hear about lessons that several of our listeners have learned from their dads. Dads shape our lives in many ways, including our adult relationships. Here’s why:

  1. Fathers who have good relationships with mothers spend more time with their children. They bring psychological and emotional health to their children in different ways than mothers. For example, fathers tend to push achievement and intellectual development in their children. They greatly influence academic success. Fathers promote independence; moms tend to be more protective and nurturing.
  2. Fathers play differently with their children than moms. They stimulate more one-on-one play with their babies and toddlers and help them deal with their aggressive impulses. This lessening of frustration spills over to the adolescent years. Basically, dads help children manage their impulses and can model how to redirect them in appropriate ways.
  3. Fathers who treat mothers with respect, raise boys who respect women and girls who are respected. This makes adult children less likely to be involved in violent relationships. Little eyes watch and learn what they see in their home.
  4. Fathers help children feel confident. Beginning at birth, fathers influence a child’s sense of emotional security. A dad who is supportive boosts self-esteem. He helps a child stand up to peer pressure and tolerate stress. And, as a result of better self-esteem, his children are more likely to be more successful academically and financially.
  5. Fathers decrease risk behavior in their children. Present and active dads make a difference in keeping children in school and out of jail. Dads help children avoid high risk behavior in multiple areas like having sex at a young age. The impact of a dad on risk behavior cannot be overstated.

It you are an active, involved dad, thank you. You make all the difference in your child’s life. If not, it’s not too late to begin and make changes. Talk to someone and get help.

The bottom line here is that dads are not replaceable. This is why we celebrate dads. If you are a father, know how important you are. No matter the messaging in our culture, you are desperately needed in families.

Lessons from dads