Real Life Loading… is a mashup of biblical truth, personal authenticity, cultural awareness, and straight-up humor for young adults who are hungry for more than plastic Christianity.

In Real Life Loading… you will enjoy lively conversations on pressing issues of our times. Shelby Abbott’s winsome approach includes playful segments, but at the forefront, you will respect the Gospel-centered conversations about personal identity, the importance of integrating theology into daily choices, sexual integrity, managing mental health issues, tips on dating in today’s dangerous world , the importance of cultivating relationships at church, dealing with suffering, overcoming addiction, nurturing a meaningful prayer life, winning the war against worry … and so much more.

Parents and grandparents can look forward to authentic conversations that focus on Gospel-centered truth in a manner that’s received by next-generation families. We are confident you will come to rely on Shelby’s weekly conversations! While the voice and sound are new, the content is wholly consistent with the reliable content you have grown to expect from FamilyLife. 

Who is Shelby?


Sam Allberry
Shelby is Philly-based author, speaker, and campus minister who digs his wife, his daughters, sneakers, vinyl, movies, authenticity, and a healthy dose of positive sarcasm. Most of all, he’s wild about Jesus and His ability to change everything about life. Shelby’s name and voice is likely familiar to you because he’s the announcer on the daily edition of FamilyLife Today. He’s also one of the leading Christian voices speaking to the cultural issues of our day and he does so with a refreshing sense of humor.

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