The Conversation Podcast is just that: life-giving conversations between Adam Weber and his guests about the good, bad, and otherwise in life, leadership, and loving others well.

It’s the story behind the story told through the eyes of household names, everyday people, and everyone in between, showing that truly everyone has wisdom to offer if we’re willing to ask the right questions and listen in. 

Adam Weber is the founder and lead pastor of Embrace, a church based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and author of Talking with God and Love Has a Name. Adam likes sitting on his front porch, singing in his car at the top of his lungs, and meeting strangers—the stranger the better. He still cheers for the Cincinnati Bengals but no longer drives a Rambler. He’s married to his (patient) wife, Becky, and has four kids: Hudson, Wilson, Grayson, & Anderson. He also has seven chickens, two dogs, & three fish, but what he really wants is a sheep.

You can follow Adam on Instagram at @adamaweber or on Twitter at @adamweber
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