Episode #275 — As fans of great music, it’s easy to forget all the years before favorite artists like Cochren & Co. emerged on the national scene. Before Michael Cochren – the voice behind powerful songs like “Church” and “One Day” – signed his first record deal, he was touring southern Indiana and the Midwest – dreaming and praying that someday this could happen.

I was determined to make something happen. When I graduated from high school I was playing music in clubs and bars. And then when God turned my life around I began really focusing on the church and writing music for the church, playing shows and touring.”

“Every show we played I would just pray, ‘Let us minister to these people, and let people hear these songs who will help us to spread this music farther. I just tried so hard to knock on the doors of the industry for three years, and send music to people, and play the right show here. And nothing was happening. No doors were being opened.”

Michael’s “big break” didn’t come as a connection or an opportunity, but as a realization.

“It wasn’t until, really I came to a place in 2016 when I was like, ‘God. I’m going after all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. I’ve just got to be content with where you have me, and be faithful in this ministry. Just do what you’ll do with it.‘”

“And it was a year later that I met the guy who is my manager now when I was opening for Ryan Stevenson, and he started talking to labels and it just spiraled after that. God started opening all these doors.”

Michael Cochren is the voice behind the breakout music of Cochren & Co, with songs like “One Day”, “Church” & the latest “Who Can”.

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On the Road with Cochren and Co.

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