All around us there’s an unmissable argument for God’s existence – the extraordinary beauty and majesty of His creation. Pointing to those wonders has become one of the hallmarks of the ministry of Louie Giglio – the pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia & founder of the Passion Movement. 

Louie explains what kindles his passion for this topic.

“There are things about science that seem to be anti-faith. Evolution is one of those. And some evolutionists are anti-God. They don’t believe there’s anything called creation. They believe in the Big Bang – in a process that just randomly caused all of us to come to be. And I think when believers hear things like that they’re like, ‘Man. We’ve got to stay away from the scientists because they’re all anti-faith.’ But that’s not true!

“I have many, many friends who are actually astronauts – who have been in space – and scientists in all different disciplines of science who are deeply spiritual people. They love Jesus, and are committed to building up His church in the world. And their particular gifting is empirical science. And I love them, and love what they teach me. And I’m not in any way afraid of any scientists, because no matter what their pursuit or what their conclusions, science is an evolving process.”

There are things that change, and then there are truths we can count on to never be moved.

“Very often we’ll hear that scientists have a new discovery, or scientists have now revised their view, or – given this new evidence -we now have a new conclusion. Science isn’t hard and fast fact. It’s a process. And that process, I am extremely confident, is going to end with every scientist being face to face with a wonderful Creator who has made everything that we see in this world.”

Pastor Louie explains why he’s especially gearing this message to kids in his new book.

“To kids we’re saying, look you don’t have to be afraid of science – even science that seems to be anti-faith. Because, at the end of the day, we’re all going to end up at the same place – and at the same conclusion. That there’s a great Creator who made it all. I hope kids are inspired to trust God more. I hope they’re encouraged to know how much He loves and values them, but I hope they’re also inspired to go and pursue the fields of science that we need believers in – helping us navigate all the things we’re going to learn and discover in the next few years.”

“We just launched a new telescope called the James Webb telescope, and a few people have probably heard about it. It is going to put the Hubble Space Telescope in the dust really! It’s going to completely revolutionize our ability to see into the far corners of the universe. It is going to, I think, cause all of us to stop and our jaws are going to hit the floor. And once again everything we knew is going to get redefined all over again. And – you know what? Not one shred of it is going to disprove God!

Louie Giglio pastors Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia & founded the Passion Movement. He’s a much-beloved author & speaker. Now he’s crafted a new book for kids called How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions About God & Science.

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On the Road with Louie Giglio