An unforgettable moment of God’s goodness is having a second act on radio stations across America right now. Years ago, riding on a tour bus in Spain, Zach Williams caught the soft sound of the radio station that his channel-scanning bus driver was passing by. There on the road, Big Daddy Weave’s hit song “Redeemed” grabbed Zach’s heart and began his journey to rekindling his faith.

Now a song Zach wrote – and felt he was especially given by his friends in Big Daddy Weave – is impacting people around the country. Mike Weaver explains:

“A few years ago when we met Zach, it was before anybody kind of knew his music just [yet]. And he shared with us that Jesus had used the song ‘Redeemed’ in his life. He had a calling from an early age to ministry, and had run off into kind of this rock-and-roll lifestyle. And Jesus called him back, and he begins writing these songs which are just touching people all over the world.”

“We were touring together a couple of years ago as ‘Chainbreaker’ was getting to be a really big song, and he shared with us on the bus one night—which was during a really rough season for the guys in the band. He said, ‘You know Jesus used one of your songs in my life. I think God’s given me a song for you guys now for this season.'”

There on the bus, a journey came full circle.

“He plays for us on the bus the song ‘Alive.’ And we’re all instantly like, this completely just encapsulates this season—with health issues for my brother. Losing my dad. My mom getting a cancer diagnosis. All these things that just really accentuated how fragile this life is. After 20 years of doing this, after being through the last season and a difficult time, we are really glad to just still be in it!”

“Every time we get to play, it just seems like a real gift to us. And that whole idea of God’s mercy being what calls us out of death into life—that just seems so right on right now. So it’s cool that it’s resonating with people.”

Mike Weaver is lead singer of the dynamic, award-winning CCM-favorites Big Daddy Weave.

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