As a society are we connected or disconnected? Well, the answer is, yes!

Clearly as a society there are more connected devices than we can keep up with and yet, loneliness, lack of purpose and anxiety is a way of life for many. Those of us at Faith Radio understand how easy it is to get side-tracked or so busy that we miss out on God’s great love for us; all the while we work harder to gain His approval and the approval of others.

We are on a journey to connect faith to real life issues and we are so grateful that many of you have decided to join us. So, whether you listen over the traditional airwaves known as radio or through your favorite connected device – the message of God’s love for you is the same!

April 10th is the start of our spring fundraiser known as Share. If you have benefited from the relevant Bible preaching and family focused teaching we ask you to join us, prayerfully and financially in keeping this ministry going!

I hope that you will join the team and become a member of the support team of Faith Radio.

You can call 877-933-2484 or give online. Thank you!

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