In the famous New Testament story of the storm on the Sea of Galilee, there’s an extraordinary contrast in the actions of the disciples and Jesus. Though He was in the same storm in the same boat as His disciples, Jesus’ immovable calm remained, while their fear gripped them completely.

Pastor Adam Weber says that Jesus was able to sleep in the midst of that furious storm, because He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that when He talked to his Father, He would hear his voice. When we pray, we can do so with that same confidence.

“Honestly, when I first read that story, at first it’s discouraging. Because I know I’ve been in storms where I felt like Jesus was sleeping.”

“But the longer that I follow Jesus, I know without question that He is good. He is faithful. And He is loving. And so even in those times I don’t understand, we can cling to Him.”

Pastor Adam ties the concept back to the Old Testament as well.

“David over and over says, when I cry out, God hears my voice. What a wonderful thing to know. Even in Psalm 41, David’s in a pit, he cries out and God listens! God lifts him out of the pit, and puts a new path and puts a new song within him. Even when we dig a pit with our own two hands, Jesus comes and He rescues us.”

“So what I would encourage anybody who’s listening to know is that whether you’re in a storm, in a valley, in a trial that God is with you. God sent us Jesus and called him Emmanuel. God with us! Not far from us. Not thinking about us. With us! That’s so wonderful to know that God is with us.  No matter where we are, we can cry out, and He will hear our voice.

Adam Weber is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Embrace, a church that has six campuses in two states. He likes typewriters, drives a Rambler, cheers for the Cincinnati Bengals, and has four chickens and a dog named Daisy. Adam, his beautiful wife, Becky, and their kids live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota He is the author of .

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