Pastor Charles Morris was scanning his morning paper at his California breakfast table when he read the headline: Is this the end of Christianity in the Middle East?

The provoking question unleashed a wave curiosity in the former journalist, turned radio pastor. And so he set out on a journey across the Middle East to meet Christian brothers and sisters facing the terrorist threat, discovering an inspiring story of not just surviving, but thriving.

In Northern Iraq, he met a young man who told him an extraordinary story of the night ISIS overran his city. God protected him in a powerful way, and used him to protect others. That night his tiny car became something of a caravan, as he picked up refugee after refugee, fleeing from their lives in face of the advance of the terrorists.

“You should see that little red sedan. That four seater had seventeen people in it. This car with bucket seats in the front. So three in the back, people riding in the trunk. People riding on the roof. It’s just this rust bucket of a car, but still driving. He’s still using it.”

“He has actually been back to Qaraqosh a couple of times. He went back to see what was left of his house. I didn’t go with him, but he’s telling me how he found his old report cards, but nothing’s left. The mortars destroyed the inside walls of the house, and it will be almost, if and when he ever gets to go back, it will be almost like rebuilding the house from scratch.”

Despite the physical destruction, this young mans faith was strengthened.

“The Lord kept these people safe.  This guy was a nominal Christian, and yet he met Christ and says now, ‘I am more than just someone who calls himself a Christian. I am a Christian.'”

Pastor Charles Morris is an author, speaker & the CEO of Haven Ministries. His latest book,  was born of an extraordinary journey to discover how believers in the Middle East are surviving – and even thriving – in the midst of terror.

On the Road with Charles Morris