Forgiveness might be the single hardest thing we’re each called to as Christians. But few of us have as much to forgive as Candice Curry. Her dad spent her childhood pursuing a life of white collar crime. In the midst of his illegal pursuits, he neglected his children.

But after giving in to her anger for a season, Candice discovered something she did not expect – faith in Jesus! And with it came the extraordinary power to forgive.

“Jesus really removes the need for me to hold on to my sins. And other people’s sins. I carried my dad’s sins around forever. I just owned them, because I thought I needed to. But the truth is they were never my sins. None of them. Not the ones done to me. Not what I did. Jesus took those for me.

Knowing that Jesus had forgiven me for everything that I had done – I kind of had no right to hold on to any of the sins against me.”

Out of all the amazing stories in her book, I was struck by Candice’s conclusion that none of our stories are pointless, and that every season of our lives serves a purpose. Her journey could have ended with a very different lesson, so how can she so joyfully say those words today?

Because of Jesus! I have no other explanation. Everything that is in the book is just redeemed in the end. Every little tiny piece of things that I had been devastated over, He made sweet in some way, shape, or form. Even my dad’s friend that sinned against me – and that is a hard place for people to forgive – but twenty years plus later He redeemed it.”

“He put the man in front of me, and let me release that, and face to face tell him, ‘I forgive you’. And, ‘Go be a good dad, and go do good things’. So the deepest hurts He redeemed.”

Candice Curry is the author of , the extraordinary account of how she found forgiveness and freedom after a youth shaped by her father’s criminal career. She’s also a talented blogger.

On the Road with Candice Curry

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