C.S Lewis has said there is no christian way to boil an egg. Similarly Christians artists are not limited to a Christian only audience.

“If you are a person of faith, you can’t separate your faith from your vocation. First I am a believer, but I also have an interest in writing songs that impact people’s lives, that includes people who are not Christians.”

Cindy Morgan, a singer and songwriter of both Christian and secular music, shares her heart for creating music and pursuing excellence in both genres. Bach and Mozart were both payed by the church and yet their music has inspired audiences, christian and not, for generations.

“If a song is meaningful it should impact more than just the people who have already come to the party. people who are already in the choir.”

Cindy believes that Christians are called to be excellent at whatever we do, whatever God has called us to do.

“I think we definitely need to be having an impact in the world, putting good, excellent product in the world.”

As Christians we are called to be vessels, dispensing God’s love to all of those around us. Cindy accomplishes this by creating music.

“We’re called to heal the brokenhearted, we are called to loose the chains of those who are captive. I think the arts have always been a big part of that.”

Everyone has a calling, do you know your calling?

“We are all called to something in our life, and if you are called to the arts, then you are called to maximize your potential in that way.”

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The call to excellence in artistry