“If we aren’t intentional about worldview formation, we will have a worldview, but we’ll just get it like we get a cold, where we just catch it from our environment and our culture.”

Our worldviews are constantly being shaped and changed by our culture and our experiences. John Stonestreet joins Ed Stetzer to discuss the importance of worldview formation in an increasingly secularized culture.

“In today’s world, most Christians have a secularist modern worldview and they decorate it with Jesus talk. Jesus becomes that kind of moralistic, therapeutic source for salvation.”

John calls all Christians to dig deep and go back to the beginning to discover what is true. One of the ways Christians can stand up for truth is by fighting for definitions. Often in our culture, we can speak the same language but not the same vocabulary.

 “Words like God, truth, meaning, freedom, and marriage, we need to stop and say ‘What do you mean by that? What does God mean by this? How does it compare to the common definition found in culture?’”

Christians must know the difference between the worldview of the culture and the Christian worldview outlined in the Bible.

“Definitions are really important windows into the world of ideas and ideas are the framework of culture.”

If we do not understand what our worldview should look like from a biblical perspective, we run the risk of the secularist worldview creeping into our lives little by little.

“What’s going to happen is the people in our pews, the people in our churches are going to absorb the definition from the culture around them.”

The more we understand worldview from God’s perspective the more we can discern when the culture is beginning to distract us from our purpose.

Our worldview will be formed whether we like it or not. If God and His Word aren’t shaping your worldview, what is?

Highlight: What’s your worldview?

Importance of worldview formation