The church should always be on mission, creating new disciples of Jesus Christ across the world, and in their own backyard. But what does it really mean to be missional?

One of the most important aspects of being a missional church is being culturally relevant without sacrificing the standard of the Gospel.

According to Dharius Daniels, pastor of Kingdom First Church, those in a missional church need to ask the right questions.

“How do I communicate this to a people group that has very deep roots and a traditional expression of church, particularly when we talk about the African-American community? So how do you go into a context where the methodology is sacred?

“How do you go in that context and communicate something that shares the same values yet challenges us to approach a different way, to be relevant to a context that God calls us be relevant to.”

This desire to be a missional church, and embrace the missional mindset, starts with an understanding that our God is missional.

“The missional movement obviously doesn’t start with the church. It starts with God.”

The mission of the church is not new. The mission was started by Jesus and as Christ-followers; we are to follow in the footsteps of Jesus who lives inside of us in the form of the Holy Spirit.

“What we want to do in our church is to lead a church in a way, and to create a climate in the church where people were clear, Jesus wants to do more than change our morals, he wants to change your life.”

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Dharius Daniels & missional churches