Highlight: Showing up

If you could have met Tyler Holte or Katherine Hines years ago, they may not have been people you would have instantly suspect would someday give their lives to ministry in the African interior. Yet today, they both serve in key roles with organizations bringing light to a place. And, for each of them, it started with saying yes when God planted a dream in their heart.

Tyler Holte, the US National Director of Peace Together Uganda, explains how God is using the organization to make a lasting difference in Northern Uganda.

You know, God doesn’t expect us to have all the answers. In the Bible it says, remember that when you were called not many of you were wise by human standards. And that’s certainly the case with me and with many of the people that work with me with Peace Together Uganda. But what we’ve learned is that God always equips those that He calls.”

“One of the things that I love about Jesus is that whenever He saw suffering, whenever He saw hurting, He always responded. So that’s kind of the model that we’ve tried to to emulate. We just get involved.”

“We just show up, and God shows up in powerful ways. When we get outside of ourselves and get past our own weaknesses and our own limitations, and just make ourselves available to be used by God, He shows up in powerful ways.”

Tyler takes us inside how change is coming through the ministry.

“Especially with the youth in Uganda it’s been amazing to see as we get behind them and as we work with them – as we get them enroll in school and as we watch them begin to blossom – that truly is the hope that we have for change.”

“We don’t seek to to feed more kids in Uganda. We seek to end hunger in northern Uganda. And we don’t desire to put more kids in school in northern Uganda. We desire to have it be that every child in northern Uganda has the opportunity to be educated.”

“We truly believe – and I’ve seen it firsthand in sitting with those those children over there -that’s where the change happens, because they are passionate. They are intelligent.  They’re extremely hard working. They have been through incredible hardship, but they have endured through it, and they’re better for it and stronger for it.”

“I’ve sat with the kids and with tears in their eyes and tears in my eyes listened to their stories of what they’ve been through, and then I always ask them what is your dream? It’s amazing that so many of their dreams are focused on how they can help their communities. When a young girl says I want to be a doctor.  It’s because she sees people who are unable to go get to see doctors, and people who are still injured from the war, people are going through disease and she wants to help out her community.”

Tyler Holte is the US National Director of Peace Together Uganda. After a season of wandering, he found recovery and restoration through Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. Now he’s giving his life to make a lasting impact in the African interior.

Katherine Hines left a successful business career in Colorado when she felt God calling her to ministry in Uganda. Today, Hines Ugandan Ministries has touched the lives of hundreds of children in need.

On the Road with Tyler Holte and Katherine Hines

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