Is your home life negatively affected by what’s going on at work? Maybe your home is the workplace, or you own a small business with your spouse or children?

Bill English joins Faith Radio Mornings to discuss how to successfully navigate the intersection of home and workplace.

We all have bad days at the office, how are we to respond? Is it better to come home and unload your workplace issues onto your spouse or pretend like nothing even happened?

“Reliving your bad day might not be the thing that you want to do going home, you may want to focus on the cartoons, or anything but reliving your day.”

Spouses need to understand that reliving the day isn’t always the most exciting prospect for some people. For couples who own a small business together, it is important for both spouses to be aware of what is happening in the company because the two are one-flesh.


If a spouse comes home from work with news that could cause dissension and ruin the night, should you avoid the conversation?

“The evening might go into the tank, I think you’ve just got to accept that some conversations are like that. When you do have things go wrong you just need to be straight with your wife or husband.”

According to Bill, it’s important to give them enough information so they can understand the situation and be supportive.

“You need to give them the headlines, and give them enough so that you are not misleading them by leaving our certain details.”

How much information do you want?

It’s okay to ask your spouse how much information they would like in hopes of reducing the amount of stress they might encounter.

Whether you work for a company, or own your own small business, it’s important to be transparent with your spouse and come together to pray about business and career decisions.

Highlight: The intersection of the home and workplace

Balancing home life and work