“Almost 40% of conceived pregnancies end in miscarriage in the first trimester.”

Shari Richard, R.D.M.S Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, is an Obstetrical Ultrasound Expert and Educator whose medical experience spans 40 years. As a result of Shari’s personal grief of abortion, she has committed her life to share God’s grace and love to change and heal hearts she joined Kim Ketola to talk about ultrasounds and their influence on the choice of abortion.

An ultrasound can show you whether or not an early pregnancy is viable, or will last. But too often the practitioner performing the ultrasound doesn’t know what to look for. This unawareness results in many women are unknowingly aborting un-viable pregnancies. Shari is committed to improving ultrasound practices so that women have a more accurate understanding of what is going on in their bodies before deciding to have an abortion.

“That is my goal; not only to show the baby to the mom, but see if this pregnancy is viable to see if she even needs to even consider an abortion, or if we can let nature take its course.”

There are so many women that have no idea that their abortion was unnecessary. They go through life thinking they killed their baby, when in reality the baby wouldn’t have lived regardless.

Shari is working to make sure that ultrasounds are done correctly and used in a way that will help the women who are in these tough situations.

“We not only are saving babies, but we’re saving the women from having to even make that choice.”

Highlight: Saving lives with ultrasounds

Saving lives with ultrasounds