“Listen buddy, I’ve heard about the whales and the spotted owls, but who is killing storks?’

According to Save the Storks’ President Paul Isaac often those who are passionate about saving the environment are pro-choice. He shares his unique idea to challenging their beliefs.

“What we have found is that people on the other side of the aisle – environmentalists are always about saving something. They could be pro-choice, but they’re truly about saving something in the environment.”

By pointing out the contradiction we are able to continue a conversation and challenge their ambivalence.

“Often they find themselves in a little bit of a conundrum that they are that vehement about saving an animal, but yet they’re kind of ambivalent, or maybe even pro-choice, when it comes to children.”

These conversations are had in a very loving way, explaining what all of the choices that women can make after finding out about a pregnancy really are.

“We do believe in this approach of love and compassion is reaching women in a way that Jesus would.”

Jesus was described by John as being full of grace and truth, and that’s what Save the Stork aims to be.

“It’s two sides of one coin: grace and truth. Grace is in our approach with women, but the truth is in that ultrasound. It speaks so loudly and it saves so many lives, and that technology did not exist at the time of Roe v. Wade. We believe that meeting women the way Jesus would, that we can have an impact on this generation.”

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