Highlight: The proof behind pro-life

What is the unborn?

According to Christian apologists Megan Almon that is the question at the center of the pro-life debate. In order to change hearts and minds about the damage of abortion, we need to get back to the question that’s at the center of the entire debate.

To find the answer we must look at the question both scientifically and philosophically.

Megan breaks down the science behind the argument.

“Have you considered that from the very beginning, the science of embryology tells us that the unborn are distinct, living, and whole human beings from conception?”

She then goes on to explain the philosophical argument.

“The differences, like size, level of development and environment, the only differences that you can point out between the unborn and us, are not good enough reasons for saying that you could be killed then but not now.”

The support for the pro-life movement, while simple and straightforward, is overwhelmingly present and appeals both to science and philosophy to show the unborn are absolutely human.

 “That is a very simple way to lay out the case for life. There’s a lot there that could be broken down but it’s a straightforward example that appealed to both science and philosophy  to show are absolutely human scientifically and absolutely valuable a philosophically.”

The proof behind pro-life