Is it possible to be both pro-life and a feminist?

The answer may surprise some, but the truth is that the roots of feminism actually stem from a pro-life point of view.

There are many examples and there’s also a lot of proof that feminists in the original movements were pro-life. Kim Ketola talks with Serrin Foster about her group, Feminists for Life, which is made up of members who prove that it is not only possible to be both pro-life and feminist, but actually even makes more sense than feminist and pro-choice.

“The early American feminists, were pro-life.”

Serrin shares that this isn’t just an opinion or theory, but actually fact. And by gaining this knowledge of what it means to embrace being both a feminist and pro-life, we can better help those who are in need of guidance and answers.

Many women who are facing the situation of an unexpected and/or unwanted pregnancy are in need of support to help them think through what they’re options really are, and they need a trustworthy and nonjudgmental friend to help and support them – not condemn and judge them. They often don’t realize that an abortion isn’t just wrong on a spiritual and moral level, but it’s also degrading and goes against all that feminism stands for.

So what would Serrin say to someone in this situation?

“I think, on a personal level, when somebody comes to you and says they’re pregnant, scared, and they’re seeking an abortion, tell her, ‘you deserve better.’ …Women deserve better. She deserves better.”

We should explain to them not just how an abortion affects the unborn baby, but how it will affect them too. We need to help them see that abortions don’t just take away the baby, but they also take so much more from the mother on an emotional, spiritual, and moral level. However, the tricky part is, we must be sure to do all of this in an encouraging and supportive way.

Along with encouraging women against abortion, we have a responsibility to support women in the process of motherhood. This is one of the many goals of Serrin and her organization.

“Holistically we can, we will, and we shall help women one at a time in whatever way that we’re best called to do this. Whether it’s one-on-one, whether it’s through an organization, through a church, through pregnancy care center, etc.”

And what can we do to help?

“You know keep it in the back of your mind, ‘Am I making this a place where I welcome life?’”

If you’re answer is no, find out what you can do to change that. Need more ideas? is happy to help. Together we can help women in need find dignified answers to all of their questions

Highlight: Being a pro-life feminist

Being a pro-life feminist