Increasingly woman who have chosen abortion are suffering from trauma, mental health and emotional issues connected with their choice. The trauma that follows an abortion is difficult to overcome and for others to understand.

It is clear that those who have been impacted by an abortion are seeking opportunities for healing. Dr. Theresa Burke is a clinical therapist and the founder of the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat; she explains the need for healing and prevalence of trauma.

“35% of women have some type of post-traumatic consequence.”

Those suffering from trauma often are triggered by more talk therapy style settings. Dr. Burke shares why it is important to focus on healing the implications of the trauma.

“No one can really treat trauma or another horrendous event that has happened because what has happened can’t be undone. But what can be dealt with are the imprints of the on the body, the heart the soul.”

One of these implications that leads to mental health issues is self-loathing, negative thought patterns and nightmares. These can be treated and there is hope for relief and healing.

“The self-loathing that people have because they just can’t live with themselves afterwards. The nightmares and the flashbacks- the fog that keeps you like when you can’t concentrate, you can’t stay on task, or be fully engaged in what you’re doing because people always have this sort of a negative tape running in their background about themselves or others and the result is that they can’t fully open their heart.”

Despite the suffering that can go with abortion, there is always a hope to be found in recovery. Ultimately God will lead them out of their uncertainty and pain, and give them peace over the situation- a peace only He can provide.

Highlight: Overcoming the trauma of abortion

Overcoming the trauma of abortion