Highlight: Offering a pro-life defense

The pro-life platform on abortion has a factual foundation but how familiar are we with the real facts? Are you equipped to offer a compelling defense for your pro-life views?

Joe Langfeld shares the work of Human Life Alliance (HLA) to educate the public about the truths surrounding human life and abortion.

HLA has disseminated pro-life educational materials to over 212 million people over the past 26 years, spanning all 50 states in the U.S., and over 86 countries in all 7 continents.

Joe speaks to anyone who may believe that unborn human life is just tissue:

“We all have to have a baseline on when does life begin. That’s actually one of the most popular questions we ask on campuses: when do you think life begins?

Human Life Alliance recently launched its I Will Stand Up campaign to reach young people. They start by asking a simple question, then exploring answers in detail.

“People forget that, as Christians, we don’t know when God imparts a soul. We could take a step of faith and just say, whenever He imparts life for human beings, but we don’t really know that; there’s no official teaching on that in the Bible.”

“We know that life begins genetically or biologically at that moment of fertilization – growth happens, and all the genetic material any individual is going to have for the rest of their life is present then.”

“Kids that go to college in this particular world we’re talking about, you’d think they’d had their biology classes – but they don’t know this information. They don’t know that the cell divides into two, and that division happens as the child moves down the Fallopian tubes and implants in the uterus and makes a nest in the womb of the mother. They don’t know that by day 21 a heart begins to beat, that their muscles are forming in that first month, the first four weeks – arms, legs, eyes, ears, they all begin to show up on that developing child.”

Joe invites those looking for answers to investigate resources and see for themselves.

“It’s truly a miracle from our faith point of view that all of this information comes together and a person develops out of this. Right away at the very beginning, there’s no doubt this child is a person.”

Joe Langfeld is Deputy Director of Human Life Alliance in Minneapolis. He is a pro-life advocate and educator, and previously worked for the U.S. Congress after college. Joe earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Public Policy from Saint John’s University.

Offering a pro-life defense