Highlight: A mother's experience of unborn life

Women are often told today that their unborn child is not a life,  just tissue. But this philosophy cannot stand up to a mother’s experience of the unborn life she feels growing inside her body.

Sheridan Mate is a pro-life advocate for Future Female Leaders of America. She explains how her pregnancy experience changed her perspective on when life begins. As a result she has made it her personal mission to educate women on the truth that life begins at conception.

“Looking back at my situation, and looking back at myself in that room in the doctor’s office while they were doing the ultrasound, remembering all those emotions and hearing the heartbeat and watching him move, and things like that, I was definitely able to get an inside look that not a lot of people get, just in going through it myself.”

Showing photos during various phases of her baby’s development enabled Sheridan to share the story of the actual life within her, and invite others to participate in her personal journey.

“From actually seeing my son develop through the months of having him, and seeing him grow before having him has definitely solidified my opinion in the fact that life begins at conception; it absolutely does.”

Sheridan’s journey through pregnancy convinced her of the truth in a way that only personal experience can. It is this conviction that she wants to pass on to others.

“He had a mind of his own the whole time. Being able to show my side – the more personal side versus the more medical side of it – I think that really helps.”

Sheridan Mate is a pro-life advocate, writer and Cabinet Member for the Future Female Leaders of America, a conservative political advocacy group. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her family and son, Alexander.

A mother's experience of unborn life