Taking on abortion in America is a huge task. What’s an even bigger challenge?

Taking on abortion in the world.

But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

One such man who has courageously taken on the fight against abortion on a worldwide scale is John Ensor. Today, through PassionLife, he is working to transform the pregnancy help ministry into a true global missions movement.

Around the world women are being forced to have abortions because they are only allowed by law to have one child. They are being told they’re pregnant and then in the same breath being asked if they want to have “a baby or abortion.”

There are women and families who are suffering and in need of help. Even more, they are in need of the Truth. John expands on this idea,

“In terms of the big macro, whether it’s China, whether it’s Russia, whether it’s Eastern Europe, the biblical formula to be fruitful and multiply has always gone together. If you’re not multiplying, you will not be fruitful.”

This command to be fruitful and multiply cannot be overlooked. By creating laws that force women to have abortions, or by creating circumstances that coerce women into feeling as though they need to get abortions, we are sinning and disobeying God’s commandment to multiply.

John goes on to explain that, like most sin, there are short-term benefits to disobeying God. There is the convenience that people then get to experience here on earth, but he warns that the long-term will bring justice against those who have sinned.

“Every sin has a short term value to it. It always has a benefit in the short term. It’s the long term debt that is sown.”

So what can we do to help?

“Declare the value of human life and the blessing of human life to the world at large. Assist women and couples in pregnancy, and slowly begin to impact the culture.”

We live in a world that currently is constantly attacking families, children, and marriage. We need to combat that with love and truth. We need to speak up for the Biblical, moral framework that God has made, and the ideals we hold as Christians.

Highlight- The macro-level: abortion in the world

The macro-level: abortion in the world