Highlight: Life after the abortion industry

There is life after abortion. But what does that life look like, and how do we deal with the aftermath?

Jewels Green tells her experience of working in the abortion industry after having an abortion as a teenager, and how that led her to becoming pro-life.

“When I finally became pro-life many years later, it was because I had learned about a surrogate mother. It was a group of friends all talking about surrogacy.”

“One of my girlfriends in this group had agreed to become a surrogate. Part of the contract was genetic testing on the baby she was carrying, and when the test indicated that this baby would be born with Down syndrome, she was offered payment of her contract in full to abort, and she did.”

“When she shared this information with this small group of girlfriends, I was completely flabbergasted; I immediately knew – in the pit of my stomach, from the bottom of my heart, in my soul – I knew that this was fundamentally wrong. But I was afraid to say it out loud.”

“There were two women – very faithful Christians, in this group – who refused to offer accolades, who refused to back down in the face of opposition from a bunch of other women. They were saying, ‘no, this is wrong.’”

It was their witness, their fortitude – they did not get angry, they did not lash out; but these gals were firm in their beliefs.

It was this conversation, and the witness of these women, that opened Jewels eyes to the truth her own abortion experience.

“That’s what helped me see that: not only was that abortion wrong, but if that abortion was wrong, for me to maintain intellectual consistency with my conscience, it wasn’t that much of a leap for me to say all abortion is wrong.

“Then, of course, that opened me up to self-examination. So, if all abortion is wrong, my abortion was wrong, and the thousands of abortions that I assisted with or facilitated were also wrong.

“So where do I go now? The only place to go is God.”

Her encounter with the faithful witness of those women who reflected the love of Christ transformed her heart and led her to embrace life.

Jewels is now a pro-life author and speaker fighting for the lives of the unborn and mothers affected by abortion.

Jewels Green is a pro-life speaker and author of . Jewels is also a featured contributor to We Choose Life: Authentic Stories, Movements of Hope.

Life after the abortion industry