Highlight: Life against all hope

According to some sources, less than 1% of all abortions are due to pregnancies that are deemed life-threatening to the mother. But even from certain death, God can do a miracle to bring life against all hope.

Kirk Barker, Founder of Cameron’s Chance, shares the amazing story of the medically-advised abortion of his son, Cameron, and how God intervened.

Kirk’s wife, Chastity rapidly lost 42 pounds in the first month of pregnancy. Doctors said she had no alternative but to terminate the pregnancy or she would die. Kirk describes the daunting decision before them. After discussions with their doctor and family members who were concerned for Chastity’s life, they decided they could not put her at risk.

“How do you choose to sacrifice your child for the health of another person? It weighed very heavy on our hearts. To this day, it still is difficult for us that we made the decision to terminate our son. We struggled, and to say that it was an easy decision, it definitely was not.”

As Kirk and Chastity approached the abortion clinic, a sidewalk advocate pleaded with them not to go through with the procedure. In her frail condition Chastity could hardly stand and was supported by Kirk and a friend on either side. As they explained the situation, the man on the sidewalk offered to pray for them.

After receiving prayer from this stranger, they proceeded to the clinic to go through with the abortion. It was in that moment that God met Chastity.

We had the paperwork in our hands, and right before we signed what we call the death certificate to our son, God intervened. My wife looked at me and said, ‘I don’t care if I die, I’m not going to kill our son,‘ and we got up and walked out.”

“Two weeks later, God healed my wife, and today we have an awesome 14-year-old son, so praise God!”

Right there in that clinic, they decided to face death and choose life. But Jesus has conquered death. Not one, but three lives were saved from that moment – both mother and son, and also Kirk, who soon after met the Lord, and found eternal life. What caused Chastity to change her mind?

“God’s intervention is all I can really say. God placed that awesome individual on the sidewalk to speak with us and pray with us, and talking to them really helped make that decision for my wife. I think if that person was not on the sidewalk that day, this story would have a completely different outcome.”

Kirk and Chastity are forever grateful for the influence of the unknown sidewalk advocate who spoke to and prayed with them that day.

“We will never know your name. You may not even know God placed you there to save our son. Fourteen years ago you stood on the sidewalk and prayed for us. It was your prayers that helped save our son.”

“Words can never express our gratitude for what you have done. Let the words of this message be a constant reminder of the great work that you do, to be a reminder that you made a difference. We didn’t know who you were, but you cared for us as we were your own. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts – we are forever grateful. God bless.”

Kirk Barker is Founder of Cameron’s Chance, a pro-life advocacy ministry aimed at saving children from abortion through outreach activism and speaking events. Kirk and his wife, Chastity, live in San Antonio, Texas with their son and two daughters.

Life against all hope