Oftentimes when people think of those who are affected by abortion they will think of the mother and the baby. However, the man of the situation is also affected by it, sometimes more than we realize.

Kim Ketola shares about one such man who had no say in the abortion of his baby, Jason Scott Jones.

Jason strives to promote peace, freedom, and a culture of life; a passion that began for him when he became radically pro-life.

“When he was still a teenager, he and his girlfriend realized that they were pregnant. He decided, because he was not a good student and didn’t have any prospects for a job, to join the military.”

The couple talked it over and decided to keep the baby.

“It’s such a beautiful story, he said ‘she was going to take vitamins and have the baby, and I was going off to basic training so that I could support our family.’”

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as they had planned.

“While he was still in basic training he got a phone call from her one night. She was extremely distraught that her father had learned what was happening and had forced an abortion, and he said he let out a cry. He began to be very upset and went to talk with one of the officers that was in charge. He said ‘we’ve got to do something, they’ve killed my baby; we need to call the F.B.I. this is murder.’ And the officer said, ‘calm down abortion is legal.’”

This realization was a devastating blow to Jason, and as he was forced to accept that he was helpless in this situation he became determined that he would help end legal abortion.

A great friend to the pregnancy help movement and dedicated man, Jason also has produced multiple pro-life movies and written the book .

His story shows that abortion has devastating effects on everyone involved, but also that anyone can join the cause and fight to end it.

Highlight: The impact of abortion

The impact of abortion

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