We are whole human beings from conception forward.

It’s vital to understand that there is no dispute in the scientific community that life begins at conception.

“In terms of science, science is very clear. At the beginning you have an entity which is a human being. From that point forward the human simply develops into what it already is.”

Professor of Philosophy & Church-State Studies at Baylor University, Francis J. Beckwith, affirms that there is no doubt about that.

“The very beginning of each of our existences we begin as a one-celled-zygote, and that is a consequence of the germ cells from both the mother and the father. Each of those germs or cells the sperm and ovum, cease to exist after fertilization and you have a whole new being, and all that being does simply is develop itself.”

The zygote goes on to become what it already is.

Professor Beckwith compares this to a college student’s growth and progression during the tenure of their education.

“In the same way, think about it this way: you know I’m a college professor so I see students who arrive on the college campus who have incomplete knowledge about things. When they develop their intellectual powers they’re only becoming what they already are; that is they’re only performing what they’re ordered to by nature.”

“What you see in terms of development is a manifestation of the nature that was there from the beginning. ”

“Those that, in fact, support abortion rights they can’t really deny that. They do offer arguments to defend abortion, but they can’t actually say that it’s not a human being.”

Highlight: Human from the start

Human from the start

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