Johnna Hose grew up in church every Sunday, but life’s road found her in a place she never would have imagined. When a serious drug addiction led her to a lengthy prison sentence, she had to endure the heartbreak of being separated from her young children.

Through the influence of a prison chaplain and the support of Angel Tree, everything began to change. Angel Tree, a program of Prison Fellowship Ministry, partners with local churches to provide children of incarcerated parents a gift, the Gospel, and a message of love from their parent.

Johnna takes us inside what the experience looked like for her kids when Angel Tree volunteers brought Christmas gift to the house.

“Through the years there were a couple of different avenues of Angel Tree bringing gifts to my children. One year, the volunteers actually came to our house and sat down with the kids, and gave the kids the gift from me. And I really think that’s important, because the gifts aren’t coming from the volunteers, they’re coming from the incarcerated parent.”

“They sat down with them, and they prayed with them. They prayed with my mother who was taking care of my kids, and they actually took pictures of my kids and sent those to me while I was incarcerated. I thought that was just extremely special that I could get that and be a part of it as well.”

“And then, another year, my children went to a party in our neighborhood where the Angel Tree church that year had a party where the kids could come, and there were fire trucks and police cars outside. And then there was face painting, and they also got to hear the Gospel of Jesus too at the party, and receive their gifts. So there’s a number of different avenues that Angel Tree is out there and helping make this happen and make this special for the children.”

Through the support of Angel tree and Prison Fellowship Johnna’s children were able to experience their mother’s love while she was incarcerated.

Johnna Hose has lived out an extraordinary story of redemption. While serving a lengthy prison sentence for mistakes she made while in the grip of addiction, she met a chaplain who told her about Angel Tree. Today, she’s rediscovered her faith and her freedom, and works to help those suffering from addictions. She continues to be involved deeply with the ministry of Angel Tree.

On the Road with Johnna Hose