Highlight: The sponsorship

Cecilia was the daughter of Kenyan subsistence farmers and food insecurity was a daily reality. In her house, the basic needs of daily life often went unmet. She was one of the estimated one-third of kids across the globe who grow up in poverty.

For far too many stories like Cecilia’s, this reality simply continues. But God reached into Cecilia’s life in a transformational way. She was sponsored by a special family from Iowa through Compassion. She details the incredible story,

“Before sponsorship, my life was hard. I had no hope, and I didn’t even think that I would ever amount to anything. I didn’t even think I would go to school. Even after going to school, I didn’t think I would stay in school.”

“Having grown up in poverty, and not knowing whether there would be a meal for the next day, the sponsorship really changed my life. I was able to stay in school, and that was very important for me.”

“Having wonderful sponsors – their names are Bob and Colleen from Iowa – they decided to sponsor me.”

She explains the quite unlikely trek her sponsors took to find her.

“My sponsors told me that they were just at an event, and when they started looking at child packets, they were looking at first for a boy. And then they were looking for a boy who shared a birthday with their grandson. And interestingly enough they picked up my packet! But they decided that they were not going to turn back. They were going to sponsor me, and that for me was something that really told me how much they cared for me.”

“I always share that this is the most important thing for me. I needed that positivity in my life, and that person to encourage me. To tell me how much they cared about me. How much they loved me, and that they believed in me.

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On the Road with Cecilia