The best way to find hope and healing? Draw close to God and study His Word.

Kim suggests that one way to become familiar with the Word is to choose a theme verse for every year. This is something she’s done for a while and found to be impactful in her walk with God.

“It was interesting that last year was a year of many losses of family members and just a season of endings really the entire year, and I never could settle upon a verse like other years, and I think it showed. It was somewhat of a spiritually dry year personally for me, even though there were some, many, wonderful things that happened and God remain faithful, of course as He is.”

Having a Bible verse to fall back on and study deeply can be a major blessing.

“There are certain things that become part of you based on that word. One year it was John 1:14, that we have seen His glory full in Jesus, full of grace and truth. Just a couple of components of that incredible verse, and it ended up to help me with many relationship difficulties that I had had in the past. I found that if sometimes I was giving too much grace and I was doing it at the sacrifice of truth, or if I was just hammering down people with truth and I wasn’t giving grace, the thing is to try and be like our role model: our Lord. Be full of grace and truth. That was one life-changing verse to meditate on for a year’s time.”

Kim’s verse of this year is John 17:24.

“There’s a compressed version of it that simply is that, you know John 17 is where Jesus prayed for us before his death, and in part of that prayer in verse 24 says ‘Father, I want them to be with me where I am and to see my glory,’ and already over the last few days thinking about the fact that Jesus wants us to be with Him, and that that’s his desire for us is to be with Him where He is and that we might see His glory, the more I ponder it the more it becomes my desire moment by moment.”

It may not seem like much, but a single verse can have a great impact on our lives.

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