Highlight: Film inspires hope after abortion

Mainstream media holds a strong pro-abortion agenda, but there are some that stand against it. Bruce Marchiano acted and starred in the pro-life film Alison’s Choice which flies in the face of typical Hollywood views. Marchiano realizes that there are people who feel broken after an abortion.

“People just need to know Jesus love and His compassion for these precious moms and dads caught in the middle of this struggle and His heartbreak over the loss of these precious babies.”

Since the movie’s release, Marchiano has received many extremely touching responses to the impact of the film.

“I’ve received many emails from moms and a few dads that went through this. It’s usually thirty years ago I did it and there’s not a night I don’t cry myself to sleep, and the Lord just freed me from all that guilt and shame after watching this movie. That has been one of the beautiful testimonies that has come out of the movie”

At its core Alison’s choice shares a message of love for everyone.

“Everyone needs to hear this message: He loves you. He has got a future for you. He has a hope for you and there is nothing He can’t repair.”

The filmmaker ran into a few surprising difficulties when it came time to produce the movie. Despite it’s clearly Christian connotation, most Christian production companies wouldn’t get behind the project.

“This isn’t a commercial production company or a nonprofit organization. So my approach with the movie is very ministry. We went through the typical channels of looking for distributors. First of all, very few people even within the Christian film world wanted to touch a movie about this subject. That’s for commercial reasons and to make a long story short we just decided look let’s just release this ourselves and trust the Lord to inspire word of mouth and spread it across the country and the world.”

Marchiano’s hope is that many can find hope again after abortion through this film.

Bruce Marchiano is an actor, author, and speaker best known for his impassioned actor’s portrayal of Jesus in the film The Gospel of Matthew. Marchiano’s other acting credits include Murder She Wrote, Columbo, Days of Our Lives, L.A. Law, and the Encounter. He directed and starred in the film Alison’s Choice.

Film inspires hope after abortion