Highlight: Fathers need a comeback

Are you the type of father you want to be? Todd Smith believes that it is time for fathers, himself included, to make a comeback.

“I was not, and a lot of times am not measuring up as a leader, as a father, as a husband. I wrote this song really to challenge myself but also to challenge other dads.””

Todd of the band Selah wrote as a challenge to make a comeback. Fathers play an essential role in the family and in culture.

“I think there’s a huge absence of the father in our culture which is a huge reason why we’re having so many problems that we are having.”

How did we get to this place where many fathers are absent or detached?

“I think there are a lot of things. I think a huge thing is we don’t really know what we are supposed to be. I don’t think we as men know how to be men anymore.”

“In a lot of ways, we’ve been asked to be more like women as far as just our responsibility, as far as being the protectors, as far as knowing the Word of God, as far as really standing up for what we believe, protecting our families and being a man of my word”

Men should strive to be men of the Word who seek to fulfill God’s mission.

“We are not carrying out the great commission. Part of our natural spiritual existence is to carry out the Great Commision and sharing who Jesus is.”

“As we share who Jesus is we are going to be persecuted. That is also going to make us grow and it is going to strengthen our character.”

Fathers have what it takes to change the culture of the family and those around them. Tod challenges fathers to step into their roles.

“Hey let’s step up, let’s be who were called to be, who we’re destined to be. It’s not something that we can’t measure up to. It is something that we can measure up to, and that we can we can achieve and it’s our responsibility.”

Todd Smith is a founding member of the multi-platinum music group, Selah. He spent 8 years growing up in Congo, Africa as the son of missionaries. He is married to author and speaker Angie Smith. They live with their 4 girls in Nashville, TN. Todd’s latest solo album, , releases August 26, 2016.

Key Scripture: John 16:33

Featured Songs: Calling All Fathers – Todd Smith; Right Where I Belong – Todd Smith; There’s A Light – Todd Smith

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