According to Brandon Heath, his most favorite song he’s ever written is “ .” The reason he wrote the song is why it’s so special to him.

“It was just an act of forgiveness. I didn’t have a record deal so there really was no motivation, other than I need to forgive somebody and I need to ask for forgiveness myself.”

Brandon is a self-proclaimed introvert. He says that bearing his soul in a song like “I’m Not Who I Was” at first, was an uncomfortable idea.

“I’ll be honest; I did not want that song to go on the first record, it was a song that I wrote for myself, I wrote it out of therapy. But my producer put this pop beat to it and I thought, ‘man, that’s kind of cool.’”

Brandon was very protective of the song at first, because it was written about someone particular in his life.

“It was written about my first step-mom, my dad has been remarried several times.”

Brandon wrote that song to his first step-mom who divorced his father after 6 years of marriage and disappeared for over 15 years.

“There was something in my heart I needed to get off my chest, so I wrote that song, and it reached her. She is now a believer and loves Christian music. She didn’t know that song was me, and she didn’t know it was written about her.”

According to Brandon, it’s encouraging to see fans post on social media about how his songs have impacted their lives. He tells the story of a man who was in rehab for an addiction he just couldn’t kick who heard his song.

“He said, I heard your song, “I’m Not Who I Was,” and that song became a breakthrough moment for me.”

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Brandon Heath on the power of music