All of the arguments for abortion are built on the assumption that the unborn aren’t human beings.

Kim Ketola provides the answer on what to do if you’re trying to find what to say to someone who believes abortion should be legal.

“When you start talking about poverty, when you start talking about women’s rights, when you start talking about rape, when you start talking about fetal deformity, when you start talking about all of the justifications that people will use to say that abortion needs to be legal, we all we can always bring them back to the question, ‘What is the unborn?.’”

It can be difficult in many conversations and debates to not feel like the one who has to provide the answer. But the truth is that if they can’t answer the question of what the unborn is, then they don’t have an argument.

“Instead of proving the conclusion with facts and arguments that the unborn are not human, they assume that in the course of their rhetoric. Logically that’s called ‘begging the question.’ You hear that phrase misused a lot; people say that someone’s begging the question when they just mean it’s leading to a question, but begging the question is to argue something from an assumption that you have not offered any evidence for.”

People who are for abortion but cannot prove that the unborn isn’t a living person are generally begging the question in their argument and haven’t fully understood what they’re arguing for.

“[They’re] just making an assumption, and they’re not offering any evidence, generally, to prove that the unborn are not human because such evidence does not exist. In embryology, in the science of the development of human life, there is no question that from conception forward there is a distinct living-and-whole human being.”

Highlight: Begging the question of the unborn

Begging the question of the unborn