Planned Parenthood has released their numbers for 2015 outlining how many abortion procedures they have performed and how much money they have received from government taxes.

Planned Parenthood performed exactly 323,999 abortions in 2015 received $553.7 million tax payer dollars from the government to fund their operation. Even those who staunchly oppose abortion in all circumstances might have had their hard-earned tax dollars given to fund abortions.

According to pro-life advocate Kim Ketola, the Hyde Amendment says federal money cannot go towards abortion services, but some states still use taxpayer funds to pay for abortions.

“That means it involves people like you and me who may never walk into a Planned Parenthood facility because our dollars are subsidizing it.

In order for abortion to stop, Kim says the bystanders must get involved.

“It’s just like school yard bullying. You have an unattractive victim, and then you have the bully saying, ‘Yeah, give me your money and I’m going to take care of that.’”

Often those in Christians circles accentuate the problem.

“We can judge and hold our noses if an unmarried woman shows up pregnant at church, of course we don’t present ourselves that way, but in our heart of hearts often that’s what happens.”

Many women feel judged by the very people who should be loving them the most and then they turn to extreme measures, like abortion to ease perception of condemnation.

“This is going to end when the bystanders, you and me, and the rest who aren’t involved directly say enough; you’re not doing that to this woman.”

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina exposed the true nature of Planned Parenthood as a so-called “slush fund.”

“They are taking that federal money for ‘health care’ and they’re turning around and giving it to candidates to elect them to further the cause of abortion rights.”

Highlight: Are your taxes funding abortions?

Are your taxes funding abortions?