Is adoption a difficult process?

Many people ask this question, and the truth is that yes, it is. Adoption tends to be a long and challenging process to go through, but the reward is so worth the effort put in.

One man who can testify to both the struggles and joys of adoption is Dan Kulp. Dan is a comedic storyteller and the proud parent of three adopted children from China who have special needs. He shares biggest struggles people face when they pursue adoption.

“One of the first concerns that people have is money.”

It can be a daunting task to look at all of the costs and fees that come with adoption, and many find themselves asking how they could ever even begin to afford it.

But Dan and his wife have been there, and he encourages us to trust God and His provisions.

“I say to people, my wife and I live very modestly. We don’t have loads of money, we live paycheck to paycheck like a lot of folks, but whenever we said ‘yes’ to God, the money showed up.”

There are many organizations that can help with the financial aspect, including Show Hope and Reece’s Rainbow

“They help give finances to parents that need help with that upfront adoption cost in order to adopt a child, and they gave us a grant for all three of our adopted children.”

There are accounts from strangers all around the world who donate to those accounts to help parents who step up to adopt those children in need of families and homes.

“All that money is there to help with that upfront cost, so that was one of the ways my wife lured me into adopting our third child; she said, you know, ‘Two thirds of those costs have already been covered by the folks that donated to Reese’s Rainbow.’

God wants us to adopt, and money shouldn’t be the reason that we can’t.

“Just do what God has told you to do, and then it all will begin to show up.”

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Adopting God’s beloved