One argument that will often be said against the case for life is that the Bible doesn’t actually ever talk about abortion. There is no specific verse or commandment that condemns the act of an abortion.

This can lead to a lot of Christians being unsure of how they can respond and defend both their faith and view.

Chris Pappalardo, Lead Researcher and Writer at The Summit Church, speaks on this difficult argument .

“That’s true in the technical and unhelpful sense of the term; just like it doesn’t mention a lot of specific terms that we have today like trinity. Yes, that word isn’t there because it was described in different ways.”

How can abortion be described as wrong if there’s no word for it in the Bible?

“From the very beginning of scripture, in Genesis, you see that God is the one that imparts life, and He views a special significance to humanity that again and again throughout Scripture is confirmed and actually amplified.”

“Throughout the Old Testament Law Code you see very specific allowances for what happens when something happens to an unborn child; it’s treated just as significant as if another human life is taken. And so, yes, scripture doesn’t say ‘hey, you know what’s in the womb is human life; you should be pro-life and anti-abortion,’ because it doesn’t have those terms.”

But just because it’s not specifically mentioned by name doesn’t mean it’s an okay act to partake in.

“As clearly as it says anything, it says no human life is sacred because every one of us is made in God’s image. We should protect that and not do harm to innocent life. Particularly when it’s coming kind of as we see it on the altar of human choice and just to decide to not have our own lives be kind of interrupted or inconvenienced.”

Highlight: Abortion addressed in the Bible

Abortion addressed in the Bible

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