Missiology is defined as the study of religious missions and their methods and purposes.

Accoording to Glenn Smith of Our Daily Bread Christian University, missiology and the urban setting go hand and hand.

“A missiologist is very concerned about mobilizing the church to take the mission of God seriously, but in context.”

There are 120 cities referenced in 1,300 unique passages in the Bible. The Garden of Eden could be considered the very first city, created by God. We were created to live in close community with others.

“You can’t read the Bible without being deeply convinced that this is an urban book. These are urban people, God is interested in cities.”

While many Christians prefer to avoid cities considering them to be bastions of depravity, Glenn says we should be prepared to head into cities to do missions.

 “If you don’t like cities you better get ready because you are going to pass eternity in one.”

Glenn is convinced that God loves cities and the people in them. His desire is for Christians to love cities as much as God does.

Christians should love cities by bringing the hope of Christ to the lost. Glenn says that many people who are lost know of Jesus and even say that they believe in him. However, they don’t want Jesus to tell them what to do in their lives, they still want to hold on to their autonomy.

“We have to bring to bear the Bible, theology, training, discipleship so that Jesus becomes an integral part of all of life.”

Glenn wants people to understand that Jesus is not only Lord over parts of life but all of life.

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