Briana Stensrud is Focus on the Family’s Director of Sanctity of Life and Community Care Department and she joined us to talk about #ShoutYourAbortion on Twitter. The hashtag was started in September by activists Lindy West, Amelia Bonow and Kimberly Morrison as a response to calls for de-funding Planned Parenthood.

Huffington Post’s report included a sample of representative tweets. In recent weeks women responded to a call to be vocal about abortion with tweets like:

“My abortion was in ’10 & the career I’ve built since then fulfills me and makes me better able to care for the kids I have now.”

“I’ve had 2 abortions. I don’t have to justify or explain them to anybody. My life is more valuable than a potential life. #ShoutYourAbortion”

The NY Times reported that Amelia Bonow had to leave her home after her address was published in the backlash against the trend. She later clarified that she received no threats but simply didn’t feel safe after the loss of privacy. I can hardly blame her.

The pro-life response to the conversation featured personal tweets such as:

“The only people who can #ShoutYourAbortion are the ones who weren’t aborted. This is an incomplete dialogue.”

“#ShoutYourAbortion?! I would rather shout the joy that my daughter has brought to my life! I chose life as a 19 yr old mom! #stronger.”

So how should we respond and/or participate in a way that proclaims truth while modeling grace and love? Briana analyzed the dialogue, and shared the hope that Focus and its pro-life partners bring to women who have experienced abortion.

Unpacking #ShoutYourAbortion