Brad Lomenick discusses his new book The Catalyst Leader and outlines the three H’s of leadership, humble, hungry, and hustle.

“For me, that’s been my montra of how I wanted the posture for me in my leadership to look like, feel like, and be like.”


Being humble in a leadership role is having the ability to realize that those under your leadership are just as important as you.

“The leaders I want to follow are the leaders who realize it’s not about them.”


Hungry answers the question, ‘where am I going?’ It’s about having the posture that realizes I haven’t arrived yet. Even when you reach the top, you’re content, but not satisfied.

“A hungry leader is someone who understands that there’s still something more”


Hustle is how you get there. It’s the action side and the expression of your leadership.

“It’s that outward expression that takes me where I want to go.”

There are a lot of leaders who have one or two of the attributes that make up good leadership, but not all three.

“I know a lot of leaders who are humble but they don’t ever do anything. I also know leaders who are hustlers, they get things done, but they are arrogant. The key of those three H’s is that they have to work together just like three parts of a stool.”

It is important for every leader to not just be seeking the next level of fame and fortune. Instead, we should all seek the next thing that God has planned for us, no matter how big or small.

“It’s more that I’m constantly learning into what God has for me and what he’s laid out for me.”