On this edition of Faith Radio Mornings, business expert Bill English joins host Paul Perrault to discuss the undeniable truths of leadership in business, ministry, and in the home.

Your company is people

“The idea is that in order to deliver a product or service, unless you’re like Superman par excellence, you’re going to have to have other people help you deliver it.”

The efficiency and productivity of those around you is directly related to the quality of relationships as well.

Bill illustrates his point by talking about one manufacturing company in Elk River, Minnesota that employs 300 people. Over the last three years, this company has almost doubled its sales and is approaching $100 million a year, and it isn’t just because their products have gotten better.

“They are attributing most of their success over the last three years to the improvement in their culture and the relationships that they have on staff and the relationships that they have in their manufacturing floor.

Solid relationships are what separate average organizations from those that thrive.

Being driven and task-oriented is fantastic, but the relationship aspect cannot be lost in the hustle and bustle. According to Bill, we can either be task-oriented in a way that builds relationships with those around us or alienates them.

“When you’re in the latter camp and you’re alienating relationships, you’re not going to last long in the company and the customers aren’t going to stay long with you either.”

Business is not a democracy

Even though business is about relationships, it is not a democracy.

“There are some decisions that you want your management team or department to make, but there are other core decisions that you do not want to put up for a vote.”

While Bill specializes in leadership in the business world, these principles apply to all areas of life, including in the church and the home.

Highlight: The undeniable truths of leadership

The undeniable truths of leadership