“There were so many things for me that competed with God.”

What does it mean to live a life truly surrendered to God?

Jennie Allen discusses the freedom that comes with living surrendered. Her life was characterized by fear, a desire for control, and a deep desire to please people. All of these things competed with God for her heart and mind.

“I cannot keep living for all of this world, I’ve got to stop. If God is real, I need to live like it.”

Jennie realized that the life she was living was not the life God intended for her.

“I had to come to a place where it was no longer about me; I’m not building my kingdom.”

She came to the realization that life is about God’s kingdom being established, not her own. The minute she surrendered her life, everything seemed to change.

“It was almost like God was just waiting for me to surrender.”

Jennie woke up the next day and her heart felt completely different. She felt free.

“I’m not in bondage to what people think. I’m not in bondage to control. It felt like all of the sudden, all of the ropes that were holding the ship down were just gone and I was at sea.”

After she found freedom, her life didn’t become easy. The plans God had for her were challenging, but they were enjoyable because she was with God.

“Being with God and not being tethered to this world as much is a big deal.”

Even though her life changed that day she truly surrendered her life to Christ, it has been a long journey of moments of realization that this life is not satisfying even when we get what we want.

It is when our worldly dreams are fulfilled and we realize they do not garner the satisfaction we expected that we become ready for God to work in our hearts.

“I think people who have tasted it and tasted freedom like that never want to live without it again.”

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