Do you regularly have conversations with people about abortion?

What about unplanned pregnancy?

These are important conversations to have, not only with fellow Christians but with non-believers as well. Oftentimes the backlash of talking about these topics can be unpleasant and it feels like no one will ever change their mind. Most often, if you are very effective in making a point, your conversation partner will likely react with anger. Experiencing a significant shift in their worldview won’t initially make them grateful, but with time it could change their life.

Kim experienced this extreme spiritual transformation herself due to people’s persistent prayers and words to her.

“…there were people praying for me  and there were people who were trying to persuade me for years. It wasn’t as if I was in a conversation with someone and I looked up and said ‘You’re right, thank you for pointing out how mistaken I’ve been all these years.”

It took time, but eventually there was a change in Kim’s heart that led her to repentance.

“I was granted the gift of repentance which is when we receive what Christ has already done for us on the cross, the payment for our sins. He’s already forgiven you, He’s already paid the price. Repentance is when we change our minds and agree to receive what He has already done for us, and that begins the process of His Holy Spirit within us making us a new creature.”

Even knowing that you won’t change everyone’s mind doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try; just changing one person’s mind could potentially save their eternal life. So let’s start the conversations about the difficult topics in life, and then let’s keep them going.

Change of opinion generally does not happen in conversations with facts and good points, instead change is a product of the Holy Spirit moving. 

Highlight – Start the conversation

Start the conversation