Right now, on this earth, we have days where we can clearly see God and follow His lead.

But then the sun goes down, night surrounds us, and we begin to doubt.

Lord, I can’t see the steps anymore, and I can’t see you. I can’t move forward like this. I reach my hands out and I all I feel is…air. Nothing.

I think a lot of us believe that our goal here on earth is to get saved, and then wait until death to meet God. But I believe there’s more. I think He wants us to know Him now, here on earth.

Back in the time of Noah people lived hundreds of years! God did not wait hundreds of years to know Noah. Instead, He met him on earth and took him on one wild ride.

When night falls and we can no longer see, it’s time to start listening for His voice and moving forward in faith. If He’s shown you the way to go in the middle of the day, it is still the same in the darkness of night. What if, when the sun went down, we engaged our faith and trusted God even more than we did in the middle of day? He’s shown us His plan, path and direction. He will not let us now go astray.

In heaven, the sun will never set and the moon will not go down. We will never be separated from the presence of God. He will forever be with us.

Won’t that be amazing?

But now, we have to see in the day and believe through the night.

Just think of the reunion you’ll have when you get to heaven after you’ve already had a lifetime of walking and adventuring with Him on earth. I can just imagine how sweet, special, and full of meaning that reunion will be.

“Your sun will never set, your moon will not go down. For the Lord will be your everlasting light.”  Isaiah 60:20

In heaven, we won’t have an enemy waiting to sabotage us on every corner.

But let’s take a stand, believe, and not let the enemy sabotage us now. In the light, let’s follow where God leads. In the dark, let’s have faith and trust Him.